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Friends and Residents of Buffery Park

The Friends and Residents of Buffery Park is a group of like-minded volunteers dedicated to preserving and maintaining the historic and natural beauty of Buffery and Grazebrook Park.

We are instrumental in shaping the future of this important community space. We  look after the interests of  park users and raise any  issues – from park maintenance to anti-social behaviour.

The Friends and Residents of Buffery Park committee  finds out about future plans and canvasses popular opinion, organising meetings for members and inviting park officials  and councillors  to meetings when there are issues of concern.  All of this makes a huge difference to the way our parks are run. If you care about the park it is important that you become a member.

What We Do

Since the Friends and Residents of Buffery Park was formed in  2001 we have been striving to improve our park. With assistance from funding bodies and the council we have created an oasis of calm on the edge of Dudley Town Centre. Residents have access to a playground and outdoor green gym, tennis facilities have been upgraded and we are constantly maintaining the park for future generations. We also hold a range of events during the course of the year from fun days to bike events.

Our Committee

Steve Briscoe (Chairman) Lynn Horton (Secretary)

Samantha Dalton (Treasurer) Jeremy Westley (Vice Chair).